• Work starts on new recycling depot

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    Mayor Thomas starts work on new depot. Our current depot was built in 2005 when recycling rates were a fraction of what they are now.To give you some idea of…

  • Excluded students welcomed at PEAK

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    Our alternative curriculum project fills up early. Bike maintenance now goes up to Level 3 and woodwork Level 2 – again representing major jumps from the entry “taster” sessions and…

  • Commercial Recycling keeps expanding

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    The Christmas break comes late for some. In the centre of town we are now collecting from Slipping Jimmy’s bar, (pictured) who have extended the recycling and reuse idea across…

  • Free Training for waste and recycling managers!

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    Free Training for waste and recycling managers! Management level subjects that are covered in detail include: Health and safety; operational compliance; staff management; legislative compliance; workforce development; quality management and…

Our @WastesavrsReuse is closed tomorrow for staff training, the Tip Shop is still open for business though! Lots of #bargains #reuse

About 2 weeks ago