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New recycling collection system being rolled out across city.

If you have received a red bag …

RED BAG – Plastics, tins and cans.

GREEN BOX – Cardboard, Tetra Pak and glass bottles.

BLUE BOX – Paper, light card, broken electrical items.

GREEN BAG – Excess cardboard.

WHAT GOES WHERE – more details here.

Please Note … all materials collected every week.

Roads starting this week (18 July) here.

Roads due to start soon here


Use the pocket to  put your house number on your sack.

Roads already with the new system …

A – D    E – M    N – Z

If you have NOT received a red bag …

Do NOT make any changes to the way your recycle.

Your cardboard is still collected every second week.

Our most common questions.

* My neighbours have a bag but I don’t.

          Contact us and we will deliver one ASAP.

* Can I still use my green sack for cardboard?

          Yes – but start by filling up your green box first.

* My red bag is not big enough.

          We can supply an extra red bag for larger households.

* Can I still use the clear bags for plastic?

          If you have a red bag, no. Ask us for an extra red bag.

* My boxes are not big enough?

          We can deliver extra boxes, please contact us.

* I have a trolley box – click here.

* More FAQs here …

          Will my day change… I live in a flat …. etc.

Why the change?

It makes common sense and costs less to collect all your materials in one go every week rather than a separate vehicle for cardboard every second week.

We are picking up twice as much plastic as we were five years ago but the box sizes have not changed. Plastic is light and blows around, so we will issue heavy duty reusable sacks with lids for plastic (and cans).

The green sacks blew away when empty. They are currently collected at a different time from the other recycling. The new red sacks will be emptied at the same time as your boxes and will be placed back in your box. This will reduce the risk of the bags blowing away.

Why did you buy new red bags? Because the green bags were clearly marked “cardboard” and to use them for plastic and cans would have caused confusion. Green bags can still be used for cardboard.

Why cardboard in a box? If you fill your cardboard sack every two weeks we estimate you will fill one box every week. Your cardboard capacity stays the same, we just pick it up more frequently.

Tetra Pak . We have often been asked about this and the new system will allow us to collect it.

What do I need to do?

At this point NOTHING!

Wait until you get your red sack delivered.  This change will be rolled out across Newport between June and September.

We will give you full instructions well in advance.  You will also receive new stickers to put on your boxes – everything will be clearly marked IN LARGE WRITING.

Your collection day will remain the same.

Litter issues

Lids for boxes.  If you want a lid for ANY of your boxes (blue or green) contact us and we will deliver.

Clear bags for plastic – still available at usual outlets or direct from us. They will be withdrawn when you get your red sack. The clear bags cost the Council £34,000 every year and many are not used for recycling. The red bags will pay for themselves in two years.

Not enough space for recycling?  We can supply extra boxes, lids and red bags for larger households.

New collection vehicles coming. These are better designed and more suitable for tipping materials into.

Recycling At Home

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Commercial Recycling

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