Most of Newport now on new red bag recycling system.

If you have received a red bag …

RED BAG = Plastics, tins and cans (no glass).

GREEN BOX = Cardboard, Tetra Pak and glass bottles.

BLUE BOX = Paper, light card, clothes, electrical items.

GREEN BAG = Cardboard only (no glass).

What goes where – more details here.

Roads  NOT on the scheme yet.  

A – E      F- N       O -Z 


Please no glass in the red bag!

If your road is  listed on the left you are still on the old system using the same boxes. Your cardboard will only be collected every fortnight.

Our most common questions.

* My neighbours have a bag but I don’t.

          Contact us and we will deliver one ASAP.

* Can I still use my green sack for cardboard?

          Yes – but start by filling up your green box first.

* My red bag is not big enough.

          We can supply an extra red bag for larger households.

* Can I still use the clear bags for plastic?

          If you have a red bag, no. Ask us for an extra red bag.

* My boxes are not big enough?

          We can deliver extra boxes, please contact us.

* I have a trolley box – click here.

* More FAQs Here …

          Will my day change… I live in a flat …. etc.