Recycling in Newport


What goes where …

RED BAG = Plastics, tins and cans (no glass).
GREEN BOX = Cardboard, Tetra Pak and glass bottles.
BLUE BOX = Paper, light card, clothes, electrical items.
GREEN BAG = Cardboard only (no glass).
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A – Z of recycling

Adhesives and Glue – Cannot be recycled
Aerosols – Red Bag (make sure empty)
Aluminium Cans – Red bag
Aluminium Trays – Red bag (please rinse).
Aluminium Foil – Red bag (clean no food)
Asthma inhalers – Most chemists …

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Boxes and bags

Replacement boxes and bags available either online here or over the phone on 01633 281 281 or for collection from our Reuse Centre in lliswerry.
Food caddy liners are available from all libraries, the Reuse centre or direct from us.
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Been missed?

Occasionally we make mistakes and miss a house. Sometimes, however, we may also be running late due to traffic or a break down. We are usually finished by 3pm.

Please phone us on 01633 281 281 if you have been missed. Collection day by area, click here.

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Furniture + computers

Grab a bargain at either our furniture re-use store in Lliswerry or the Tip Shop at the Household Recycling Centre on Docks Way.
We also collect good quality unwanted furniture and electrical goods (including computers).
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We can take the equivalent of an extra box as side waste from each household every week (see picture). More advice here.

Roads NOT on the weekly cardboard collection scheme yet.

Our most common questions.

* My neighbours have a bag but I don’t.

          Contact us and we will deliver one ASAP.

* Can I still use my green sack for cardboard?

          Yes – but start by filling up your green box first.

* My red bag is not big enough.

          We can supply an extra red bag for larger households.

* Can I still use the clear bags for plastic?

          If you have a red bag, no. Ask us for an extra red bag.

* My boxes are not big enough?

          We can deliver extra boxes, please contact us.

* I have a trolley box – click here.

* More FAQs Here …

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