We can collect every week…


From each household …


One green box plus the same size either in a box or as a bundle tied with string.

One green box plus one green bag. Please fold down to that size.

Large quantities like this contact the council for bulky waste collection (charges apply).

The size restriction is because our trucks are designed to collect normal domestic quantities of cardboard only, not commercial scale volumes.

If you have large flat-pack furniture or a new kitchen installed please take excess cardboard to the Household Waste Recycling Centre on Docks Way or contact the Council for a bulky waste collection.



We hope you enjoy your new TV / microwave / computer etc and we love the cardboard but we cannot recycle the polystyrene.

Can you please put polystyrene in your general waste.

When we load cardboard into our trucks we have to fold it. If the box contains polystyrene we cannot fold it. If we removed the polystyrene we would have to leave it behind on the street. That would cause serious litter problems in your area.

The volume of card we can collect is now significantly more than with the previous collection system.

Every two weeks.

Old system: Total taken 90 litres (Green sack capacity).

New system: Total taken 220 litres.  (Green box 55 litres + side waste 55 litres = 110 litres x two (ie. each week) = 220 litres)

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About 9 months ago