What goes in which box …

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  • Food and drinks cans
  • Clean aluminium foil and aerosol cans
  • Pots and pans
  • Milk bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs
  • Water and pop bottles,
  • Shampoo, bleach and cleaning spray bottles
  • Plastic lids
  • Microwave meal trays
  • Raw and cooked meat trays, fruit punnets


  • Cardboard
  • Juice cartons
  • Soup cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars (not broken please)
Top Tip:
Stack card upright – if still too much use your green bag.

NB: We cannot take excessive quantities of cardboard (see below)


  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues
  • Envelopes, junk mail, greetings cards
  • Office paper, (shredded paper in a plastic bag please)
  • Clothes and shoes – please put  in a carrier bag. (No bedding – see below)
  • Mobile phones / land line phones
  • Small broken electrical items – if it fits in the box we will take it (exceptions below)


  • Fruit and vegetables including peelings
  • Raw and cooked meat and fish including bones
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Rice, beans and pasta
  • Plate scrapings and leftovers
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds.

NB: No plastic bags. Only use the free liners we provide

Green Sack

card ok 1 small

Cardboard ONLY. We are able to collect normal everyday levels of cardboard such as the example above.
Larger volumes produced after building works or delivery of new furniture or a new kitchen, needs to be taken to the Civic Amenity Site at Docks Way. This is due to the space available on the recycling trucks.

excess card 1  excess card 2

Excess quantities we cannot take.

We would love to recycle everything but we can’t take …

Plastic bags

plastic shopping bag 800 x 449We struggle to find a plastics recycling company that will take these but many supermarkets have drop off points (includes bread wrappers, etc.)

Crisp packets & pet food pouches

crisp packlets 800 x 449Crisp packets and pet food pouches are actually a metal style plastic film which can’t be recycled. Even though it looks shiny its not metal.

Hard plastic

plastic bowl 800 x 449We don’t collect hard plastic because we would have to separate out every piece from every other kind of plastic. Hard plastic can be recycled at the council recycling centre on Docks Way.

Broken or sheet glass

broken glass 800 x 449Broken glass is dangerous for our collectors as they put their hands in your boxes. If its on the top it may seem like just one broken glass to you but we do not know what else might be below. 

TVs or monitors

TV Monitor 800 x 449TV’s and computer monitors are classified as hazardous waste due to some of the chemicals used in them. They can, however, be be taken for recycling  down at the council recycling centre on Docks Way.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs 800 x 449Like TVs, light bulbs are classified as hazardous waste and they break very easily. Lightbulbs, including large flourescent tubes, can be recycled down at the council recycling centre on Docks Way.

Plant pots

plastic plant pots 2 800 x 449Plant pots and trays are hard plastic and we have the same problems as noted above. They can be recycled down at the council recycling centre on Docks way.


old fencing 800 x 449Wood is too bulky for us to collect but can be taken to the council recycling centre where it is sent to be recycled into wood chip products.

Duvets and pillows

Pile_of_pillowsWhile the outside material might be reuseable, the filling is not.

Small batteries

Small batteries. are classed  as hazardous but most large supermarkets have battery recycling boxes.


Food caddy liners  –  All Newport Libraries, the Information Station , the ReUse centre or online.

Need replacement boxes, lids red sack? Phone 01633 281 281 or complete this form.

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