Why are you changing the recycling system?

1. We are taking over the cardboard collection which will now be collected weekly.
2. We are collecting twice as much plastic as we were five years ago but the box size has remained the same for a decade.
3. The clear plastics sacks were costing £1.37 per household per year. The new red bags cost £1.29 each. The red bags will pay for themselves within a year – and are reusable.

Why do you keep changing the recycling system?

There have been gradual changes but this is the first time we have changed what goes in which box.

1998 – Green boxes introduced.
2003 – Blue boxes introduced.
2008 – Brown food boxes introduced.
2013 – Green sacks for cardboard introduced.

Can I still use my green sack for cardboard?

Yes – fill up your green box first and any excess put in your green sack.

Will I still be able to use the clear bags for plastic?

No. If you need an additional bag for plastics ring us and we can deliver.

What’s the clear pocket on the side of the red bag for?

You can put your house number on a sheet and put it in this pocket. It also keeps any leaflets we may want to give you about recycling dry.

Why don’t you just give us more clear bags for plastic?

We spend £34,000 every year on plastic bags. The reusable red bags will pay for themselves with a year. The current plastic bags also clog up our sorting and bailing machinery and we cannot sell this kind of sheet plastic.

Why not just change what goes in the green sacks?

The green sacks have “cardboard” written on them and this would have caused too much confusion. We tried ways of putting new lettering on them but nothing stuck.

When will my cardboard be collected?

Your cardboard is collected every week, along with all your other recycling.

I already fill a green sack with cardboard, how will I fit it all into the green box?

Your collection will now be weekly so one green sack every two weeks = one green box every week. You can still use your green sack.

Can I recycle cardboard juice cartons / Tetra Pak?

Yes – put them in with your cardboard.

My recycling containers are not large enough.

We can supply additional boxes and red bags for larger households.

Why are you changing what goes in which box?

Because plastic kept blowing out of the boxes so we needed to get it into a container with a lid that was also more flexible for different size households. That forces us to change what goes in which box.

Why did I not get a red bag?

Please phone 01633 281 281.

If you live in a flat with communal recycling facilities you will not have received a red bag.

I live in a flat – does this change affect me?

No – if you have communal bins. Some blocks of flats have individual boxes and these will be part of the change.

What is Tetra Pak?

It’s a brand name for plastic / waxy coated cardboard cartons.

Will food collections change?

No – your food waste collection remains the same.

Wouldn’t it be easier to put all recycling in one box and somebody else sort it all out?

No – it costs more and a lot of materials collected in this way are not actually recycled. 99.99% of everything we collect gets recycled in the UK. Find out why we use this system here.

Why were some tins and plastic left in my red bag?

The collectors tip the red bags into the truck but sometimes it is hard to tell if there are any materials left inside as the bag is weighted. These are not rejects – just leave in the bag for next time.


Changes in the materials we collect.

We are now picking up cardboard and Tetra Pak.

We are also picking up twice as much plastic as we were five years ago but the amount of paper we collected has dropped by a third.

Litter problems

Plastic is light and blows around, so we decided to issue heavy duty reusable sacks with lids for plastic (and cans).

The green sacks blew away when empty. This was because they were emptied by the Council earlier than the other recycling so they could not place them back in the boxes. The change means green sacks and red bags will be placed back in boxes.

Old trucks

Our fleet of old trucks had reached the end of their working lives and needed replacing anyway. They were no longer fit for purpose and plastic in particular was causing major problems.

New houses,

Newport as a city is expanding rapidly and we are collecting from hundreds of additional properties every year.
We needed to expand our collection and packaging capacity and earlier this year doubled the size of our depot by the Transporter bridge.

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