1. Check if it’s the right day (see below)

2. All mixed because you don’t have different boxes? Phone us and we will deliver a full kit.

3. Rejected? – most common problem is glass in the red bag – if unsure why it was rejected phone us.

4. Whole street or section of street missed?; Phone us – something has clearly gone wrong.

PHONE 01633 281 281

Bank Holidays: We work on bank holidays so there is no change on the week following a bank holiday.


Household collection days by area.

Afon Village: Monday
Afon Mead: Monday
Alt-Yr-Yn: Tuesday
Alway: Thursday
Barrack Hill: Tuesday
Bassaleg: Monday
Beechwood; Thursday
Bettws: Tuesday
Blaen-y-Pant: Tuesday
Bryn Glas: Tuesday
Cardiff Road: Friday
Caerleon: Wednesday
Caerleon Road: Wednesday
Christchurch: Wednesday
Clytha Park: Tuesday
Corporation Rd: Wed/Fri.
Cromwell Road: Friday
Duffryn: Monday

Durham Road: Wednesday
Eveswell: Thursday
Gaer: Friday
Gaer Park: Monday
Glasslwch: Monday
Goldcliff: Wednesday
Hendre Farm: Thursday
High Cross:Monday
Langstone: Thursday
lawrence Hill: Thursday
Llandevaud: Thursday
Lysaughts: Friday
Maindee: Wednesday
Malpas: Tuesday
Michaelstone: Friday
Moorings (The): Wednesday
Marshfield: Friday

Peterstone: Monday
Pontflaen: Friday
Rhiwederin: Monday
Ridgeway: Monday
Ringland: Thursday
Rural Areas: Thursday
St Julians: Wednesday
Shaftsbury: Tuesday
Stelvio Park: Friday
Stow Hill: Tuesday
Summer Hill: Wednesday
Underwood: thursday
Uplands: Monday
Victoria: Wednesday
Victoria Avenue: Thursday

By postcode click here (council website)

Missed Collection? Phone 01633 281 281
Email: reception@wastesavers.co.uk

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