If you think you have been missed please first check if there is any glass in your red bag (the most common rejection problem).

If we have been down your street and missed you then please phone 01633 281 281.

Bank Holidays: We work on bank holidays so there is no change on the week following a bank holiday (Christmas is the exception).

Household collection days by area.

Afon Village: Monday
Afon Mead: Monday
Alt-Yr-Yn: Tuesday
Alway: Thursday
Barrack Hill: Tuesday
Bassaleg: Monday
Beechwood; Thursday
Bettws: Tuesday
Blaen-y-Pant: Tuesday
Bryn Glas: Tuesday
Cardiff Road: Friday
Caerleon: Wednesday
Caerleon Road: Wednesday
Christchurch: Wednesday
Clytha Park: Tuesday
Corporation Rd: Wed/Fri.
Cromwell Road: Friday
Duffryn: Monday

Durham Road: Wednesday
Eveswell: Thursday
Gaer: Friday
Gaer Park: Monday
Glasslwch: Monday
Goldcliff: Wednesday
Hendre Farm: Thursday
High Cross: Monday
Langstone: Thursday
lawrence Hill: Thursday
Llandevaud: Thursday
Lliswery: Friday
Lysaughts: Friday
Maindee: Wednesday
Malpas: Tuesday
Michaelstone: Friday
Moorings (The): Wednesday
Marshfield: Friday

Peterstone: Monday
Pontflaen: Friday
Rhiwederin: Monday
Ridgeway: Monday
Ringland: Thursday
Rogerstone: Monday
Rural Areas: Thursday
St Julians: Wednesday
Shaftsbury: Tuesday
Somerton: Thursday
Stelvio Park: Friday
Stow Hill: Tuesday
Summer Hill: Wednesday
Underwood: thursday
Uplands: Monday
Victoria: Wednesday
Victoria Avenue: Thursday

By postcode click here (council website)

Missed Collection? Phone 01633 281 281
Email: reception@wastesavers.co.uk

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