If you live in the High Cross area and have a trolley box – this is the page for you.

Top box (Blue)

    1. Paper


    1. Textiles


    Small electrical items

Middle Box (Red flap)

    1. Plastics (no plastic bags or plastic film)


    1. Tins and cans


    Aerosols, metal pans

Bottom Box (Green flap)

    1. Cardboard


    1. Juice cartons (Tetra Pak)


    Glass bottles and jars

Green Bag

    Cardboard only (No glass)

Red Bag

    You can use this instead of your middle (red flap) box if it’s more convenient.

Trolley box pic 2

As the trial was not extended across the city we have only a few spare parts left.  Please ring 01633 281 281 and we might be able to supply new parts depending on what’s stock.

If we do not have the parts we can supply a new set of boxes and red bag and remove the trolley box .

If you are struggling with your trolley box please contact us and we will remove it and provide you with boxes.

We do supply trolley boxes for households – this page is exclusively for households that took part in the High Cross trolley box trial.

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