Where Newport’s recycling goes and how it’s recycled.

These destinations and figures are for Newport as a whole, NOT just household recycling.

End destinations for where Wastesavers send your materials can be found below.

At Wastesavers we send your materials to the companies listed.

These are often multi-national companies with global markets.

They sell their finished recycled products around the world.

As a result plastic, for example, will be made into pellets here in the UK, but those pellets may be exported.

Aluminium – Novelis (Warrington) or Sims (Newport)

Cardboard – Newport Paper (Newport)

Food – Biogen (Aberdare)

Glass – Recresco (Cwmbran)

Paper – UPM Shotton (Deeside)

Plastics – Jayplas (Leicester)

Steel – Celsa (S. Wales)

Textiles – Wilcox (West Midlands)

    How it’s recycled …