Training - FAQs

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What does completing an apprenticeship entail?

There are a four and sometimes five different qualifications in the framework. They are the NVQ in your chosen subject, the Technical Certificate, and Essential skills in Communication and Application of Number (and Information Technology for some frameworks)

How much does it cost?

Apprenticeships are currently delivered free to learners and employers as they are fully funded by the Welsh Government with the support of the European Social Fund.

Will I have to complete any work in a classroom?

You will not have to attend formal classes as most of the qualification is designed to be assessed in the workplace. However there may be occasions where you will work with your assessor on a 1-2-1 basis in order to complete knowledge evidence questions. This is usually completed in an appropriate space at your work place.

What kind of commitment will I have to make?

You will be visited by your assessor once a month for between one and two hours, where he or she will carry out assessment activity with you. They may also set you work to complete in your own time if appropriate, but this will be kept to a minimum.

How long will it take?

Training is planned to be completed in 14 months (Level 2) and in 16 months (Level 3). However this can be less if you are motivated and are able to commit to additional assessment activity.

What support will I get from my assessor?

As much as you need in order to successfully manage the qualifications. All assessors are fully trained in their respective roles and are used to providing the support necessary to build your confidence, skills and competencies. All they expect in return is your commitment.

What happens if I can’t attend a planned assessment, through illness or because of additional work activities?

Don’t worry, these things do happen. We will be as flexible as possible, just contact your assessor and they will re-arrange the visit with you.

How will I prove that I have the skills and competencies and what is assessment?

Your assessor will use a variety of assessment methods in order to produce a portfolio of evidence with you. These include observing you carrying out your work duties, discussing your work role with you, gaining witness testimony from your manager, setting written questions or recording your answers using DVR, using product evidence such as documents you have produced.

Do I have to have any qualifications to get on the course?

No, but you have to be employed in a job role where you can generate evidence and you must have to have a commitment to achieve your learning goal. Your assessor will assist you with everything else.

How do I know if I am eligible?

There are one or two criteria that would have to be confirmed, such as your home postcode and details about any other qualifications and courses you have undertaken. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to  contact us and we can discuss your options for Work Based Learning.

How do I get started?

You should speak to your employer before completing the on-line application form. Alternately, you can contact us and we can discuss your training requirements directly with your employer. The next stage is that we will contact you to confirm details and arrange the induction process.

Will I get recognised certificates for the qualifications I pass?

Yes, all qualifications are fully accredited as we are an approved training centre with City & Guilds, Pearson Edexcel and Wamitab (Waste and Recycling sector awarding body). Awarding bodies are national and international institutions that regulate and issue certificates for training qualifications that meet agreed academic or industry standards.

What is involved in the induction and how long will it take?

The induction covers information about all aspects of the training, health and safety requirements, who is who in regard to the management of your portfolio, the signing of required Welsh Government paperwork (candidate and employer) and two assessments in order to determine the type of support that you may benefit from. An induction will take up to three hours, but this can be split between two visits if appropriate.

What benefit will I get from completing an apprenticeship?

You will gain a nationally recognised suite of qualifications, you will gain confidence, learn more about the industry you work in, you will gain skills and competencies, you will learn more about safe and sustainable work practices and it will improve your employment and career development opportunities.

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Education - FAQs

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Is there are charge to visit the education classroom?

We offer a 2 hour morning workshop in our education classroom free of charge for Newport schools. We can offer the sessions to schools from other areas for which the charge is £x per session.

Do you offer recycling services to schools outside Newport?

Yes. If you would like to find out about our commercial recycling options please call us on 01633 281 281 and we would be happy to help.

Do you give presentations in assemblies?

We do not currently offer presentations for assemblies. We would however be happy to provide an informal session with a small class or Eco-committee who could then pass on what they have learnt to the rest of the school.

Can I mix coloured paper with white paper in my recycling?

Yes! We can take coloured paper, white paper, leaflets, envelopes, shredded paper, magazines and paper-bound exercise books. These can all be put together in the hessian sacks provided. You do not need to separate them.

Reuse - FAQs

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How much notice do you need to collect an item of furniture?

We can usually collect within a couple of days. We work hard to collect at a time that is convenient for you and aim to get to you as soon as possible. We do ask however that you give us as much notice as possible as it all depends upon what has already been scheduled for collection.

What kind of condition does my furniture/electrical appliance have to be in for you to collect?

Your items needs to be in a reusable condition, as all items that we collect are put for re-sale in our shop. For example, sofas should have no rips or tears, and electrical items must be in working order.

Do you buy items of second hand furniture/electricals?

No. As a charity we are unable to purchase items of furniture. We do however offer a FREE collection service.

Will you dispose of my item if it’s no good?

Unfortunately we are unable to take items that are not re-usable. If your item is not suitable for reuse, we recommend you contact Newport City Council or take your item to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

What is a fire safety label? Will you take a sofa without the label?

A fire safety label is a label that is put onto items with upholstery such as sofas or dining chairs. This can usually be found underneath the base cushions on a sofa, or underneath the seat of a dining chair. The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 require any items sold to have the fire safety label attached. As such, we are unable to take a sofa or chair if it does not have this label.

If I buy a computer from your Reuse Centre, what software does the laptop/PC come with?

We install the following:
Windows Vista or 7
Flash Player
Microsoft Security Essentials (anti-virus)
Codec packages (for viewing videos)
Microsoft computers also come with standard software including Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer.

Do you sell Windows 8 laptops?

No, we do not currently deal with Windows 8.

Can I use your laptops/PCs to access the internet?

Yes, all of our equipment is internet-ready and all you need is WiFi or an ethernet cable. We can offer you advice on getting broadband for your home.

Is there a warranty on the laptop/PC?

There is a 12-month warranty on PC hardware and a 30-day warranty on laptop hardware.

Can I get a discount because I claim benefit?

No. All of our IT equipment is very low-cost already because it is refurbished.

Can I haggle/do a deal with you?

Most of our prices are set but if you buy several items we are willing to consider working out a deal with you.

Do you have recycling bags/boxes?

Yes we do. You can either collect from us or call 281281 to have some delivered to your home.

Can I pay on card/with cheque?

Yes you can.

How long will my computer take to fix?

We will endeavour to fix your computer as soon as possible, but as we are often very busy this may take a week or two. We will update you on the progress of our diagnostic tests as soon as we know the result.

Can I donate my computer?

Yes please! We will accept working and non-working PCs and laptops, as well as TFT monitors and accessories such as keyboards, mice and printers.

Can I pay for extra digital inclusion lessons?

Sorry, that is not a service that we offer at the moment, but we can help you find an IT tutor if you would like to continue your learning.

Why is my computer slow?

There are a number of reasons why your computer might not be working properly. We will take an initial look at your computer free of charge.

Can I volunteer for you?

Yes please! Call us on 216855 and we will arrange an interview time.

Commercial - FAQs

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Do you charge for an annual Waste Transfer Note/Duty of Care?

No. All Waste Transfer Notes and other documentation are provided free of charge as part of your service. There are no additional hidden charges.

Can I have a collection of recycling in bags and from a wheeled bin?

Yes. We offer options of wheeled bin and bagged collection services, or a combination of both. We will create a service that works best for your business.

Do you offer a general waste collection service?

Unfortunately we don’t. We only offer recycling services at this time. However, by recycling with us this should significantly reduce the amount of waste you have to dispose of, helping to minimise expensive general waste disposal costs.

Does the recycling have to go in bags or can it go straight into the wheelie bin?

Your recycling can go straight into the wheelie bins. The most important thing is that the materials are kept separate e.g. cans go in the cans bin, glass goes in the glass bin etc.

Can the food waste go in a plastic bag and then into the wheelie bin?

No. Food waste should be put straight into the wheelie bin. Alternatively, we do offer small compostable bags for use in the kitchen, or we can line your wheelie bin with a large compostable liner. Please contact us about these optional additional services.

Do we have to tape the cardboard as part the bagged service?

No, cardboard can be kept loose for collection. We do however ask that you flat-pack the cardboard as much as possible and if you do have tape or string available to secure it, that would be very helpful for our collection staff.

Can we mix coloured and white paper together?

Yes. We can collect office paper, magazines, leaflets, envelopes and shredded paper. This can all be put in the bags or bin provided.

Do you collect confidential waste?

We do not currently offer a registered confidential waste collection service. However, please contact us with your needs and we may be able to help.

Do you provide storage facilities for the bagged waste collection?

We offer cardboard recycling bins that the bags provided can fit into. These are ideal for offices or communal areas and make it easy for all staff to make use of the recycling services.

Can I mix plastics and cans together in the clear bags?

No, the materials must be kept separate. This ensures a high recycling rate and enables us to keep collection charges to a minimum.

Do you offer one off collections for example if my business was moving location?

Yes. If you require a one off collection when your business is moving, or if you are having a clear out, contact us with your requirements and we can schedule a collection. If you already have a regular collection with us, we can also offer additional collections if needed.

Do you offer a discount for Charities?

Yes, charities with a registered charity number are eligible for a 50% discount on our bagged collection service.

At Home - FAQs

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I can’t carry my box to the kerbside – do you offer an assisted service?

Assisted collection is a dedicated service that we offer, specifically available for people who are unable to carry their boxes to the kerbside (such as elderly or disabled people). In these cases Wastesavers will offer an assisted service, where the collectors will pick up from specific households. To organise an assisted collection please call us on 01633 281281.

My box has been stolen/My box is broken - how can I get a new one?

You can collect a new box from the Re-use Centre, Phoenix Park, off Corporation Rd. Lliswerry NP19 0LW. Alternatively, call us on 01633 281 281 or email with your address details and what you need and we will deliver to your door.

I have run out of clear bags and food caddy liners – how can I get more?

You can collect a roll of caddy liners and/or clear bags from any Newport City Council library, the Information Station (by the train station in town), from the Re-use Centre, Phoenix Park, off Corporation Rd. Lliswerry NP19 0LW . Alternatively call us on 01633 281 281 or email with your address details and what you need and we will deliver to your door.
For a full list of library locations click here.

When is my collection day?

For most households your collection day is on the same day as your refuse bin and orange lidded bin are emptied. To check when your collections are, please visit My Newport provided by Newport City Council

You have missed my box – what should I do?

For missed collections, please call us on 01633 281 281 or email

Why can’t I just put it all in one bin/bag?

By separating the different materials, you are helping to keep them clean and of a high quality. This means that 99.9% of what we collect we can recycle. This method of collection is endorsed by the Welsh Government as it is the most cost effective and efficient method of recycling collection.

What do we do with black plastic meat trays?

You can place these for recycling in your green box or in your clear plastic bag.

How often can we order a roll of liners/clear bags?

On average residents use three bags a week. As such each roll of bags should contain enough bags to last 6 months. To avoid the temptation to use the food waste bags for other things we advise residents that they can reorder a roll of bags every three months.

Are we allowed more than one roll of bags?

I am afraid we only supply one roll of bags at a time.

Are we allowed more than one box?

Yes. If you have a lot of recycling and need an extra green or blue box that is no problem. Please contact us to order additional boxes. Alternatively you can pick up a box from us at the Re-use Centre, Phoenix Park, off Corporation Rd. Lliswerry NP19 0LW.

Can we leave plastics loose in the box if we do not want/need to use the bags?

Yes. The bags are optional. If you do not have a lot of plastic or would prefer not to use the bags, you can still place plastic items loose in your green box.

What do we do with our old/broken boxes?

Place these outside your house and when we deliver your new boxes we will remove the old/broken ones and recycle them for you.

Why don’t the collection crews carry a supply of bags with them to give to residents?

Unfortunately there is not enough room on our collection vehicles to store boxes of bags. Instead we have a dedicated member of staff who will deliver bags when they are requested by residents.

Why can’t the crew pick up bags of mixed materials as the green box is mixed?

When the crews arrive to empty your box, they separate the different materials into different compartments on the vehicle. If the materials were mixed in a bag, the crews would not be able to separate the different materials.

Our very own Mike and Nicola attended, very insightful #ThirdSector don't forget charities can get 50% discount on our bagged #recycling !…