We have launched a “Bright Friday” sale campaign encouraging people to buy something used rather than something new this coming Friday (Black Friday).

We want people to visit one of our seven used furniture and household items shops across south east Wales this Friday.

According to Tom Belcher, our Regional Shops Manager; “We need to turn Black Friday around and promote re-use, not just encourage ever greater consumption of new stuff. That’s why we want to promote Bright Friday – buy something used day.”

“It’s criminal what people throw away is something we hear all the time in our shops,” he continued.  “There is so much pressure, to have the latest gadget, a bigger TV, the latest must have toy; and we see the fall out of that in our shops.

Last month alone our charity shops saved 25,000 items going into skips. If people want a real bargain then shop used first. ”

This supply of unwanted stuff is backup by a recent Which magazine survey, claiming a “huge 76% of people who bought DIY products in the Black Friday sales later regretted their purchases.”

“They were joined by 66% of those who’d bought home appliances, 64% who’d bought baby and child products … and 53% who’d bought homeware or furniture.”

“Our shops are packed with just these kind of products,” says Tom.

Black Friday is also known for getting people into debt.

We see our shops as helping meet immediate needs for people struggling financially.

“We sell items at rock bottom prices so they are accessible to all,” Tom explains, “but  we also donate items other local charities helping people in urgent need of basic household items.”  

A survey by environmental Charity Hubbub found that amongst young people  “45% of us spend money we can’t afford because there was a sale on, and 70% of us having bought sale items that we’ve never even used”

Hubbub focused on the fast fashion trend. “4 in 10 of us feel pressured to join in (Black Friday), and half of young people said Black Friday encourages them to buy things they don’t need. The pressure is felt especially by 18-25 year olds: 41% feel the need to wear a different outfit every time they go out and 1 in 6 young people don’t feel they can wear an outfit again once it’s been on social media.”

Thanks to Hubbub.org

Tom knows Black Friday is not going to go away any time soon but is hopeful.  “We might be just a small charity but we have to start somewhere. So turning Black Friday into Bright Friday – buy used in our shops is something we hope people will buy into.”