Healthy pumpkins have hit back at claims by some Newport pumpkins earlier this week that recycling is the best thing for them.

“Being cooked is the best option if you’re a pumpkin” said HR Harry (self proclaimed King of the pumpkin patch). “I may have a scary face but I’m still pretty tasty inside. My father was turned into soup and my grandfather was made into a pie,” he continued.

“These days, however, standards are slipping if pumpkins are left to rot. The whole country is going to the dogs (#dogsinrecycling),” he added.

HR Harry’s recommended posh pumpkin recipes.

Our search for slightly more simple pumpkin recipes.

The Ministry of Pumpkins has also waded into the debate by  recommending residents try cooking pumpkins first (but only if they have not started to rot) and recycling as a second option.

Wastesavers will still be picking up pumpkins left by food waste bins for the next week or so.



Sausage and pumpkin stew