January was a busy time for the Wastesavers Reuse Centre.  The January sales result in people wanting to donate more furniture than usual and it’s easy to get overstocked – hence we ran our own January Sale – we just needed the space.

We also have close relationships with a number of major retailers to take in factory seconds or returned stock – items from quality mattress to paint.

This month has seen an influx of very High quality mattresses  with only minor flaws or in some cases simply unused end of line stock.  Some of these mattresses retail for well over £1,000 and with up to 80% off, these really are bargains that we are confident will go quickly.

Not many people know that we also sell used computers and IT equipment peripherals.  We get these from large companies when they do a mass upgrade. Our technicians erase all data, refurbish the computers and sell them with a three month guarantee.

But the real value in the Reuse Centre is the support it gives the local community.  In tough economic times the availability of low cost furniture is extremely important.  While getting a roof over your head is the immediate priority, poor quality, broken and even dangerous furniture is all too common.

That support, however, extends beyond supplying low cost furniture.  The Reuse Centre provides training and experience for people finding it hard to gain a job.  Our volunteers get to experience all aspects of the business, from shop floor and till management to furniture restoration.

We also run digital inclusion programmes. “Digital World” helps the over 50s look and apply for work online while “Finding a Way” helps people with longer term health issues start on the road to look for work.  If you are claiming benefits we may be able to help you, so please contact Emily Cottrell for more information on 01633 216 855

Discount schemes are available for social housing providers – please contact Chris Southern for details.