January saw the start of new recycling legislation for businesses across Wales and our commercial team have had a spike in enquiries.

In brief, the new law requires businesses to collect their recyclable materials separately rather than mixed together. The legislation states that separate collection should be done whenever “practicable”.

Many businesses that already collect their recycling in one bin may fall foul of the new legislation requiring them to collect recycling separately. However it’s not difficult and we can help. We have developed a range of recycling options that include bags as well as bins with a flexible approach to collections. Put these together and you will find that separate collection is not just practical, but can also save you money!

We know, for example, that every business produces a different mix of recyclable materials. Offices are dominated by paper, for example, pubs and clubs by glass and food, manufacturers and shops by cardboard. So we develop the collection system on a case by case basis.

If you’re not sure if you comply with the new legislation contact our commercial department and we will do a site visit. If you’re looking for a “standard package” on our website I’m afraid you won’t find one because we don’t believe in giving a “standard” one size fits all service.

It’s that personal approach that gives our customers peace of mind that they are not only fully compliant but are also dealing with a social enterprise that supports the local community.

Call our commercial team on 01633 281 281 or online for an informal chat.