Taking recycling education up a level.

We started out as an education charity back in 1985.

We began collecting newspapers from the kerbside in 1990 and have been expanding every since.

For more than a decade our education room has hosted more than 500 schoolchildren a year, and we’ve had a lot of VIP interest, from politicians to royalty.

The room has served us incredibly well but now needs updating to incorporate modern technology and learning platforms

Our plan, however, is to do more than refurbish our education room.

We want to bring key science, technology and maths (STEM subjects) to life using materials the children come into contact with on a daily basis.

Each pod is a fully interactive experience combining digital imagery with traditional buttons to push and handles to turn.

Every material has a short video following the industrial process of recycling.

But in the middle of that video the children may be prompted to turn a handle to provide the energy for melting the metal, or open a draw to feel the plastic pellets.

Even asking the questions has to be fun – which is why we will use imagery from the popular online game Minecraft .

If you think you, or the company you work for, may be able to help, click on the picture here to find out how you could get involved.