Self proclaimed “King Pete, king of the pumpkin patch” yesterday called on humans to “give pumpkins a break” and not put them in the general rubbish.

King Pete 2020. At his latest rally (with Queen Dorris).

Political unrest has been growing in pumpkin circles as posts on social media appeared to promote putting pumpkins in with general non-recyclable waste because they were too large for food bins.

“Where are these fake news stories coming from?”  he asked a non-socially distanced rally of his core support base (pumpkins).  “We demand to be recycled, not mixed in with nappies and other generally nasty stuff. Just put us on top of your food caddy. Believe me, it will be an amazing and beautiful thing.”

King Pete 2019. Has he got more angry since last year?

In a later interview on Radio 4s PN (Pumpkin News) programme King Pete conceded that not all humans are bad and that many do put their pumpkins out with their food waste; “But it’s still a national disgrace that so many of my fellow pumpkins will end up in general waste bins.”

We approached several humans for comment but they all said they were too busy making pumpkin soup.