Shop will close after Friday 23rd October until lock-down is over.

Where should I park?

Shop visitors are required to park to the left as they enter the main site in the area signposted ‘Shop Parking’, no parking outside the shop is permitted other than the disabled bay. Customers making donations may drop off items to the side entrance of the shop which will be supervised.

Do I have to book an appointment to visit the shop?

No. But we are restricting the number of people in the shop at any one time.

Are you taking donations?

Yes (see above).  PLEASE DO NOT bring items for donation to the front entrance. Black bags (or similar) of items will not be accepted.

Can I pay with cash or is it card only?

We can take both but prefer card payments whenever possible.

Is it safe to touch items in the shop?

All donated items go through a 48 hour quarantine before being put on the shop floor. We ask all visitors to use the hand sanitiser provided as they enter the shop. The shop will be cleansed everyday during non opening hours.

Are you restricting the number of people in the shop?

Yes. There will be a maximum of six visitors in the shop at any one time. When capacity is reached we run a one in one out policy.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes. It’s now the law in Wales.

Do you have hand sanitiser?

Yes, at the front door. It’s a requirement to enter.

Are your staff safe? 

We are following government advice and have provided extra training and support for all staff to minimise any risk to them.