No known problems with collection rounds today.

We have seen a significant increase in cardboard collections due to everybody buying stuff online.

We can take the green box plus the equivalent to the side each week. More than this and there will not be space for cardboard for residents further down the collection road. More info here.

NO TISSUES at all please – we will reject the whole box – especially in these times.

BROWN PAPER – in with the cardboard please. It’s a paper recycling technical issue – fuller explanation here.

TEXTILES – the bottom dropped out of the textiles market before covid19 so we can only accept clothes and pairs of shoes. Sorry but no towels, curtains, sheets etc.

We appreciate this can seem confusing but it is all based on ensuring that your materials are properly recycled here in the UK.

We would rather collect a slightly reduced range of materials and ensure they are recycle correctly than try and collect everything and then loose track of where it goes.

Thank you for your cooperation.