Do something your future self will thank you for.

Clean the windows (this is massive)

Organise your wardrobe

Colour code your bookshelf / DVDs / CDs etc.

Dust in places you haven’t seen in years

Read that book you’ve been meaning to for months / years

Do something indulgent

Take a bath with fancy soap

Paint your nails (fun for all genders)

Make a body scrub or a facemask from stuff in your pantry

Watch a film with all the lights off

Get Physical

Go for a fast walk or run.

Stream a workout on your computer

Do jumping jacks until you regret thinking “I’m bored”

Stream Karaoke versions of your favourite songs (nobody is watching)

Do something nice for others

Put a sticky note on your neighbours door to say Hi.

Write a letter (remember them) to a friend. (Not an email)

Write a thank you note for the people in your local shop who’ve stayed open.

Adapted from a blog by “Who gives a crap” – ethical toilet paper company who probably sought inspiration from someone else.

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