Some of your favorite recipes.

But before that, if you haven’t checked out Cooking on a Bootstrap – the ultimate guide to cheap and tasty recipes – do so.

No more “select the finest Italian vine tomatoes from Waitrose ” stuff that 99% of TV celebrity cooks do.

It’s more “get a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of sweetcorn”.

Easy one pot chicken and tomatoes.

Looks fancy but is a really simple Jamie Oliver recipe.

I just go down my local veg shop and get the cheap tomatoes that are about to go. You can get those mixed chicken thighs and legs packs – they work well. The fresh basil is pretty important – my local coop has them for around 50p. I add new potatoes (makes it a complete meal) but don’t bother with the beans (both are optional).

Put all in a dish, moosh it around a little and stick it in the oven. (Phil)

Hairy Bikers mince and dumplings

Very tasty, cheap and easy to make. (Mark)

Saffy’s Victoria Sponge

We made a really lovely cake and it was really easy – you only need 6 oz self-raising flour, 6 oz stork margarine, 6 oz caster sugar; and three eggs – it’s a basic Victoria sponge recipe

Using a wooden spoon, put the stork margarine in a bowl and add one egg at a time to the creamed mix, with a spoon of flour with each egg.

Continue to mix until the mixture turns pale – place it in a greased cake (or loaf) tin in a moderate oven (170C gas 3) for around 40 mins.

Test that it’s thoroughly cooked by putting a knife through the centre. If the knife comes out clean the cake is done – if there is mix on the knife, pop it back in the oven and check it every ten mins or so.

I decorated mine with some icing and sprinkles – delish!

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