Lockdown has deprived us of many freedoms we took for granted.

Most people agree that it has changed our perspective on certain things – and in many cases for the better.

With that in mind we asked you what you’ve noticed more since lockdown, and it seems people want to talk about their positive experiences despite what’s happening in the world.

As Deb, a volunteer with the Reuse centre puts it: “The birds are louder, the bees are bigger, smog & pollution less. On the outside everything appears brighter, fresh & definitely calmer…. Lockdown has given people the opportunity to recalibrate, slow down & appreciate the simpler things in life.”

Deb is quick to point out that this rose tinted view does not apply to everyone – if your basic needs are not being met then buzzing bees are not high on your agenda. But seeing nature more clearly is an experience that is perhaps more widespread than we give it credit for.

The viewing figures for BBC’s Springwatch are testimony to our wish re-connect with nature even if we can’t get out.

Lynsey at the Treherbet Shed reports a different but also positive experience. “The first thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t give myself enough ‘down time’. I didn’t realise how much hustle and bustle my life was before.  I am now able to enjoy pampering sessions with my face masks and use the time to sit quietly and reflect.”

The Springwatch team helping us to reconnect with nature during lockdown

This “down time” has also seemed to help people connect more locally.

When we asked Mark from the reuse centre what he had noticed more he said the neighbors!  “I’ve been helping some of them with shopping, cutting the grass, and other little bits of D.I.Y. outside their homes.”

For others, emerging into the world only occasionally has heightened their awareness that time has been passing by.

“I’ve noticed how the outside world has changed,” explains Saffy, volunteer manager. “I left the house to pick up a prescription this week and it was the first time I had driven the car or been on the roads since lock down – and the season has changed; there is blossom on the trees and the trees have sprung into life!”

With a bit of luck we might take some of these new observational skills with us as we emerge out of lock down. That’s one positive from what has been a pretty tough experience.

As we seem to be ending articles with a song link, the U2 song “It’s a beautiful day” is about observation things …

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