It’s looks like our pets have never had it so good since lockdown came along.

As editor I’ll start with mine … Arti. (short for Artimus). He’s a Welsh collie border collie cross. Totally obsessed with balls and sticks.

He loves to lie in the flower beds – obviously the coolest place in the garden in this heat.

He has only a passing interest in sheep – he would be pretty useless as a sheepdog. When you’re trying to watch TV, however, he will throw the ball at you until you react – very annoying.

He’s very enthusiastic about warning us that someone is walking down the street and about things that generally aren’t there.

I think I’ll just settle here in these nice flowers

Tina – the one with the walk.

Mark, one of our volunteers from the Reuse centre, has an especially demanding chicken.

“Tina is a “Silky bantam”. She got her name because she walks like Tina Turner. She’ll follow me around chatting to me all day. If I’m working in the garden and don’t pay her attention she just gets louder and louder until I pay her some fuss.

We bought her two years ago with three others, Mother Clucker (the bossy one) , Blue (she’s slightly blue) and Rizzo (from Grease – the tough female gang leader).

We have since purchased two hybrid chickens, (normal sized ones, which my wife calls T-Rexs’ due to their size). They are called KFC and McNugget … I’m not going to go into the names of the last two !!!

Hurry up I’m hungry

Lynsey at the Shed in Treherbet writes: “I have a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier called Phillip. He seems to be enjoying having us home and getting extra walks and treats during the day.

He can be very demanding, especially before I’ve had my coffee in the morning. But when he gives us kisses all the stress he causes is definitely worth it.

He turned eight on April 25th. We normally take him to Aberavon Beach hotel for the night, as he loves a run on the beach and feels like a ‘posh dog’ when he gets to go into the hotel. But we made sure he still had his birthday cake and plenty of presents. 

What do you mean “Get Up”.

Abbie from the Reuse Centre. “This is Pernod, also known as Monster Grump when she howls at me for roast chicken or cured ham (she has expensive tastes). The expression on her face in this photo tells you a lot.

 She’s 17 ½ and we got her 13 years ago from the Cats Protection League. She was originally called Ouzo, but no cat deserves that name.

We picked up her sister at the same time, but sadly “Pinot” is no longer with us.

I’ve also got a 13 year old tom cat called Guinness. I think a pattern is emerging here.

Put me down …

Mum ….

Keen eyed readers might notice something slightly suspicious about this photo submitted by Saffy, our volunteer coordinator.

We will use Saffy’s own words to avoid any confusion.

Question: “Have you got a decent photo of your pet for our pets corner? Need name and the most annoying thing they do (we know you love them already).”

Answer: “We don’t have any pets, however my 8 year old son, Finnegan has started to want to wear his Scooby doo costume morning, noon and night so does that count?”

OK – you just about get away with that one.

Not one of our pets – but this made us chuckle.

Andrew Cotter, sports commentator, on his dogs. Search youtube – there a several others equally good.

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