We’ve all watched more TV than usual. Here’s some recommendations from you guys.

Crime Drama

Nothing like a good murder mystery to cheer us all up!

Silent Witness (BBC i player) The BBC iPlayer goes back to series six. So far I’ve watched 126 episodes. Just finished series 17 and cannot wait to get stuck into series 18! It’s been amazing, as I love a bit of crime and forensics! (Abbie at the Reuse Centre)

Killing Eve (series 3 BBC) ” As good as the previous series. I think we all have a little bit of the assassin in all of us – and her clothes are fantastic. (Phil)

Vera. DCI Banks and Blue Murder Box sets. “I clearly have a a favorite genre.” (Lynsey)

Line of Duty BBC “Holy mother of God, AC-12…Who is H?! 😂” (Abbie)

Feel good about life

Bought a tear to my eye.

Grayson Perry’s Art Club. (Channel 4). Grayson is a national treasure. I loved these programmes – they always put a smile on my face. (Phil)

“It’s a wonderful life” The ultimate Christmas movie you should watch any time. Actually recommended by psychiatrists (Phil)

Bob Ross. Painting lessons – an internet hit. Great way to de-stress.

Afterlife2 – Rickey Jervais at his melancholy / funny best. (Saffy)

Action /edge of seat

Edge of the seat stuff

Deadpool2 “I enjoyed the lead characters warped sense of humour and behavior!” (Mark)

DEVS – “The future is fixed. Everything is pre-determined. Scary high tec drama on BBC. (Phil)

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