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Food Recycling

You should have a small brown food caddy for you kitchen. Contact us if you do not.

Please only use the FREE food bin liners we provide. These can be picked up from any library or ordered for home delivery.

food waste bag roll croped

Please do NOT use plastic bags!

Your food waste helps generate electricity and what is left is used as fertilizer.

Plastic bags cause severe damage to the food recycling equipment.

Flats Collection Days.

General recycling (Cardboard and food only)

Alway: Thurs. (Thurs)
Bassaleg: Fri. (Mon)
Bettws: Tues. (Tue)
Bryn Glas: Tues. (Tue)
Caerleon: Wed. (Thurs)
Central: Mon. (Fri)
Chepstow Rd: Thurs. (Thurs)
Corp. Rd: Thurs. (Thurs)
Duffryn Fri. (Mon)

Gaer: Fri. (Mon)
High Cross: Fri. (Mon)
Langstone: Thurs. (Thurs)
Lliswery: Thurs. (Thurs)
Maesglas: Fri. (Mon)
Maindee: Wed. (Fri)
Malpas: Tues. (Tues)
Mar. Quay: Fri. (Fri)
Marshfield: Fri. (Mon)

Old Barn: Wed. (Tues)
Pill: Mon. (Fri)
Ringland: Thurs. (Thurs)
Rodney Rd: Fri. (Mon)
Rogerstone: Fri. (Mon)
St Julians: Wed. (Tues)
Somerton Rd: Thurs. (Thurs)
Stow hill: Mon. (Fri)

Developers,┬ámanagement companies and┬álandlords guidance notes – Bin specifications and location issues.

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