Why recycle with us?

Great Value

Because of our business model we keep our costs (and yours) down using a quality focused system.


Looking for daily, weekly, monthly collections, or something in between? We even cover once-off collections.


You will have the same highly experienced team every collection. We are ISO 9001; 14001 and 18001 compliant.

Fully licensed

We provide all the relevant paperwork you need to meet your legal requirements.

CSR enhancing

We are a social enterprise and registered charity. Your recycling directly helps our charity work.

Recycled in the UK

We pride ourselves in our transparent audit trail. We can tell you where your materials go and how they are recycled.

We service more than 300 companies across South East Wales in all major sectors.

Phone 01633 281 287 or Email:  staceytakle@wastesavers.co.uk

“A reliable, efficient and cost-effective waste management partner.” Paula Terrett, EnerSys

“Always professional, reliable and helpful.” Anne Williams, BITC