Our charity projects fall into three main categories.

Digital inclusion programmes; our shops providing affordable used household items; and our work with young people struggling in mainstream education.

We use the IT equipment we collect to run digital inclusion programmes aimed at hard to reach groups.

We also make IT equipment affordable for all.

Our retail outlets provide a safe and supportive environment for volunteers to learn new skills and reduce social isolation.

They also provide affordable household items for all.

Our PEAK education project provides a practical learning experience for children struggling in mainstream education.

We work with schools across south east Wales.

Making good use of used IT equipment.

“We had an eight year old boy and his mother in (Women’s Aid Refuge) last week. They had had to get out fast and he’d left his computer behind – the look on his face when we gave him the i-Pad was priceless.”

Creating a safe environment and reducing social isolation.

“What I really like is that it gets me out and about and keeps me active. It forces me to get up in the morning.”

“I would say (volunteering at) the Tip Shop has definitely changed our lives for the better”

Working with young people struggling in mainstream education.

“While the vast majority of our students leave with a certificate, we regard regular attendance as a major breakthrough. Our programme is as much about raising self esteem as gaining practical skills.”

We have recently started work with Newport City Homes, helping their tenants who are unemployed gain skills in IT. We have focussed on specific skills such as searching for jobs online, how to apply for these jobs and how to create a CV.

Our social programmes are designed in partnership with the groups that we work with, enabling them to create a course tailored to their service users. We can offer regular group sessions within the community, through to individual one to one support.

Find out more about volunteering with us

If you would be interested in working with us, please contact Saffron Doney at the Wastesavers Reuse Centre on 01633 216 855.