Got a yellow tag?

Some materials that may not seem dangerous to you are dangerous to our collectors.


Broken glass .

Our collectors handle all the materials you put in your boxes.  Despite wearing gloves, broken glass can cause serious injury when our collectors place their hands deeper into your recycling boxes.


Sheet glass.

Spot the sheet glass! This is especially dangerous and can easily slice into our collectors wrists.


Glass in the red bag.

You know it’s only one glass bottle but we don’t.  In the vast majority of cases if we can see a problem on the top there are multiple problems further down. Please put glass bottles and jars in the green box – even if its only one.


Excessive cardboard

We can only take reasonable quantities of cardboard. More guidance …

Non recyclable items

We cannot collect plastic bags or plastic film like clingfilm. Please check our A-Z page of what can be recycled.

red bag items extra

Items left by mistake.

Items can get caught in the bag folds and the collectors do not notice.  These will be collected the following week.

We can’t collect these items from your home but you can recycle them at …

Plastic bags

plastic shopping bag 800 x 449
… larger supermarkets

Plastic film

… larger supermarkets

Hard plastic

plastic bowl 800 x 449
… Recycling Centre, Docks Way

TVs or monitors

TV Monitor 800 x 449
… Recycling Centre, Docks Way

Lights Bulbs

… Recycling Centre, Docks Way

Plant Pots

… Recycling Centre, Docks Way


… Recycling Centre, Docks Way

Crisp Packets

… Sorry – non recyclable.

Access problems

recycling boxes on kerbside

Your box is still on your property.
We cannot trespass on your property even if we can see your boxes.  This can be frustrating but the law says that anything on your property (even the contents of your recycling box) is still owned by you and we could be accused of stealing. Problems carrying your box? You might be eligible for assisted collections – please contact us.