Some reasons why your recycling might have been missed.

Cardboard left

We have to limit of the amount of cardboard we can take. One green box plus the equivalent to the side each week. More guidance here.

Materials mixed

If we see too many non-recyclable items in a container we will leave it. Guidance here. Please also make sure you put the correct items in the correct container. More guidance here.

Put out late

We start collecting from 6 am , so it’s best to put it out for collection the night before. All our trucks have CCTV – we sometimes see residents in our rear cameras placing boxes after we’ve passed!

Broke glass.

Our collectors put their hands into the boxes and broken glass can cut their arms. Broken glass has to go in the general waste bin.

Non recyclable items

We cannot take everything. Plastic film (fruit wrapping, bread wrapping, crisp packets etc.) is our most common problem. More guidance here.

Road access

Parked cars can cause us access problems. We will try and gain access at least twice on the day of collection.

Property access

We cannot enter your property to collect your recycling. Please make sure it is on the pavement outside your property.

Human error

Sometimes we have to change crews and they don’t know the area well. Please report individual properties missed here. For a missed street please report it here.

Register missed collections here.

Check your collection day here.