If your Monday collection has not be completed it will be done tomorrow. All other rounds as normal.

Thank you for your patience.

The repair crews were on site until 02:30 am this morning patching up the vehicles so they were useable and legal.  Our collection teams arrived as normal at 7 am and are just starting to finish their rounds as we write at 4:30pm.

It has been a real team effort from everyone involved, from the truck parts supplier (Andy Powell Commercials of Hereford) to our collection crews, some of who are still on the road.

It’s hard to understand what goes through the mind of those who carry out such vandalism for no apparent gain.  What it showed, however, is that our back up systems worked and we have good people working for us – through rain and shine.

Monday Morning – no collections

vandalism general view 3


Tuesday Afternoon – only two collection rounds behind

after 1