We’ve opened yet another shop – this time just outside Abertillery at the Roseheyworth Recycling Centre.

The official opening of “The Den, however, was interrupted as a local climate change cop (PC COP 26) declared the recycling skips area a “crime scene”.

COP 026 points the finger

“It’s criminal what some people throw in these skips,” he said.”I have taken as evidence perfectly reusable items that were kindly rescued from these skips by workers at the Den,” he continued.

“It’s a fair cop” said Beth Rosser of Wastesavers, who run the recycling centre shop in partnership with Blaenau Gwent county council. “We try to save as much as we can but some people are still throwing away stuff that could be given a second lease of life,”s he admitted.

Cllr. Wilkins visits the crime scene

Cllr Wilkins officially opened the Den saying; “I am delighted that this shop has opened its doors in Blaenau Gwent. This now gives people the chance to have their unwanted items reused that may otherwise have been thrown away. Additionally, it gives back to the community by supporting those who may need it.”

It’s officially open

PC COP26 let the party off with a warning; “May I remind residents visiting the recycling centre that reuse is better for the planet than recycling. It’s reduce, reuse, recycling – in that order.

“I’ve got my eye on you!” he added.

The Den is open Daily (except Tuesdays) for donations and a chance to grab a bargain.

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