We are a social enterprise working in partnership with Newport City Council.

Meet The Team


Penelope Goodwin
Chief Executive Officer

Janet Jones
Finance Manager

Kris Dowding
Operations manager (recycling)

Alun Harries
Charity Manager


Stephan Orman
Reuse and Volunteer Manager

Saffron Doney
Volunteer Manager

Alin Nistor
Reuse IT Technician

Arash Navabi
Online Sales Officer

Education and Peak Project

Ian Pearce
Project Coordiniator

Ismail Omar
Skills Tutor

Trevor Payne
Skills Tutor

The primary objectives of Wastesavers Charitable Trust Ltd are:

Wastesavers - Reuse Centre

The relief of poverty by provision of renovated furniture and other household items to those in need

Wastesavers - Education

The advancement of education in respect of the environmental aspects and need for recycling in the community

Wastesavers - PEAK

The advancement of numeracy, literacy and practical skills of young people who are struggling in mainstream education.

Our History

Wastesavers began life in 1985 as an environmental, interest group promoting the importance of reuse and recycling.

In the mid 90’s it became more proactive and began picking up old newspapers from peoples doorsteps for recycling, and hand sorting these at the local paper mill. In 1995 Wastesavers collected and recycled 22 tonnes of paper.

Today Wastesavers recycles more than 15,000 tonnes of material a year and can’t imagine hand sorting the 5000 tonnes of paper it collects. That’s more than 85,000 trees per year!

Progress has certainly been made in Newport with residents now receiving a weekly kerbside recycling collection of not just paper, but cans, plastics, glass, textiles, mobile phones and toner cartridges as well as food waste and small electrical items.

Aims, objectives and legal bits

The organisation comprises three elements: Wastesavers Charitable Trust (WCT is a registered charity – No. 1116150) and its trading arms: Wastesavers Recycling Ltd and the Wastesavers Reuse Centre. The nature of our structure means that we are ideally placed to deliver professional services, while at the same time developing activities that raise awareness and encourage participation in reuse and recycling, throughout all sections of the community.

Wastesavers is the socially-owned trading subsidiary of Wastesavers Charitable Trust. With no share capital the company (No. 3842840) covenants all of its profits directly to NWCT.

The primary objectives of Wastesavers Recycling Ltd are:

To establish, operate and develop a variety of community recycling services for the collection and sale of post consumer waste

To promote and cultivate, within educational establishments and the wider community, the environmental value of reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

In partnership with Newport City Council, Wastesavers operates a number of projects to improve the environment and return added benefits for the community. Wastesavers has a turnover of over £2 million and invests any income made back into its projects and the local economy.

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