TV legend opens Maesteg Shop

Bridgend Mayor Stuart Baldwin helped TV legend “Great Uncle Bulgaria” open our latest reuse shop at the Maesteg Recycling centre.

It seems like a lifetime away, but St Valentines day saw the official opening of our latest shop, “The Siding” at the Recycling centre above Maesteg.

Welcome Back!

How have you been? It’s starting to look like we might be seeing you again.

Things I’ve noticed more

The lockdown has certainly changed the way many of us see the things around us.

It’s one of the positives to come out of this whole situation – we’re all noticing good things more

Useful covid signage for your window

Blatantly stolen from the internet.

We hope these put a smile on your face – they did for us (obviously otherwise we would not put them here

Your pets: you love them but …

There’s no question that this dog has been up to something. Your pet photos and what they do that drives you crazy.

Your TV choices.

“The best thing I’ve watched in the lockdown is Deadpool 2” says Mark, one of our newer volunteers at the Reuse Centre

All change

Having time on your hands, or just boredom, can be a push to try something new, from online choirs to first time gardening.

Recipes you love

Food programmes are everywhere – but these are some real recipes from real people – Wastesavers staff and volunteers.

Lockdown music for old gits

This isn’t even an article. Its just a link to a collection of John Peel sessions – from Bob Marley and the Wailers to Pulp to Nirvana .

I’m bored – for grownups

A random list of things to do that – like the previous link on music – we stole from the internet.

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